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What is done is as important as how it is done.

We live in a natural environment that must be respected and protected, which is why we have taken measures to reduce our environmental impact:

We have eliminated single-use utensils, and replaced them with biodegradable ones.
We use biomass to heat the restaurant.
We only use green energy from renewable sources (SomEnergia).
We use the village’s collective transport to reduce supplier travel.
Smart thermostats to maximize heating performance.
We compensate ours CO2 emissions,to achieve neutrality in emissions.
Reduced electricity consumption: lighting with LED technology bulbs, A++ machinery
Hybrid vehicle

We love the concept of “friendly”, and consider ourselves “all-friendly”.
In our accommodation you are all welcome, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, and even politics 😉 We respect your beliefs, your opinions and your choices, so we will do our best to make you feel good and respected We expect the same from you towards our team and the rest of our customers.
If you don’t eat meat, dairy products, pork, have an intolerance… just let us know so we’ll be ready on your arrival.
We take care of the people who come to visit us, and of the entire team that is part of Cal Gabriel, without whom it would not be possible to offer you the service in the current conditions.

We are of the opinion that “health enters through the mouth”, which is why we take great care of the entire food preparation process, from the production of the raw material until we serve it on the plate:
* We select local products, some from organic production.
* We make sure that the meat comes from small producers who care about the welfare of the animals.
* Once they arrive at our facilities, we prepare and preserve the food using techniques that guarantee the highest quality of the product.
* We cook traditional, homemade food, respecting the seasons and the ingredients we use.
* We do not use milk creams or flours to fully respect the original taste of the product, and make it suitable for all people.
* Our room staff is trained to guide the consumer in case of doubts and intolerances.

Most of our suppliers are small local producers, thus helping to weave an economy based on the area, supporting these small farms that care for and pamper the product at retail.

All the products we serve at breakfast come from small producers around Tuixent. Goat cheeses from Ossera, cow cheeses from La Seu, sheep cheeses from Sant Llorenç; the jams made with great love in Cal Casal d’Ossera, the Tonicilla we make for you, the sausages from Organyà, the chicken from the La Seu slaughterhouse, the brown beef from the Pyrenees… local economy to grow the entrepreneurial fabric of the environment and consolidating the establishment of population in the area.

We recommend and encourage our customers to do activities in the area that promote the culture and economy of the area, making our valley, its wealth and its customs known.

Only by consuming local can we guarantee the continuity of rural life.

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