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Fairs and festivals

A collection of fairs and festivals in our surroundings, so you don’t miss a single one!

In every town that is appreciated we have fairs and festivals that are worth enjoying and discovering. Here we give you a collection of the ones we have in Tuixent and its surroundings. Grab your calendar and sign up, so you don’t miss a single one!!! And remember to reserve a room in time, as you will run out later!


  • January 5: Cavalcade of the Magi, with distribution of gifts to neighbors who have been good people 😉 Place: Tuixent.
  • Fair “Els Tres Tombs”: preserving tradition, festival to invoke the care of animals. Parade, gymnasiums, and popular activities. Place: Solsona. When? The weekend closest to Sant Antoni (January 21 and 22, 2023)


  • Carnival of Solsona. Traditional and full of good atmosphere and party. Place: Solsona. When? For carnivals, from February 16 to 22, 2023. More information.


  • Trunfo fair (potatoes), the truffle and wine festival. Place: Solsona. When? first of March (March 4 and 5, 2023). Consult the program.
  • Festival of the game. Place: La Seu d’Urgell. When? Second weekend of March. The whole city is filled with games for all ages. Web consultation



  • Midsummer Eve (Revetlla de Sant Joan). Popular dinner and bonfire to enjoy the most magical night of the year. Place: Tuixent.


  • Courses in Ossera. From the hand of our dear artisans Núria Rosell (Cal Casal jams) and Suzette (Herboristeria Cal Nogué).
  • Gósol walk. Popular outing to discover an area of Gósol. More information.
  • Gathering of Sant Jaume. Music, mass and popular lunch in the meadows of the Hermitage of Sant Jaume. Place: Tuixent. When? Sunday closest to July 25.
  • Fair of Drap Piteu. Artisan market set in the medieval era. Place: Sant Llorenç de Morunys. When? July 22 and 23, 2023. More information.
  • Cathar Fair. Place: Gósol. When? Last Saturday of July.


  • Flower courses. From the hand of Carme Bosch. From August 1 to 15. Consult the program. Place: Tuixent.
  • Courses in Ossera. From the hand of our dear artisans Núria Rosell (Cal Casal jams) and Suzette (Herboristeria Cal Nogué).
  • Cathar Fair. Place: Josa de Cadí. When? First weekend in August (4th August 2024).
  • Activities throughout the month: concerts, talks, outdoor cinema, etc. Check our calendar.
  • Pianada de Josa de Cadí. Place: Ca l’Amador at Josa de Cadí. When? During the month of August, they depend on the agendas of the guest artists.
  • Josart. Artistic meeting in the town of Josa de Cadí. When? First Tuesday of the month (possible August 6th, 2024). Let it surprise you: there is no program until the day of the event.
  • Major festival of Gósol. Middle of the month
  • Seu d’Urgell’s main festival: concerts, activities, outings, culture. When? Last week of the month. Consult the program of the party.


  • Major festival of Josa de Cadí: first weekend of September. Music, fun, garlic and oil contest, and more. Place: Josa de Cadí.
  • Major festival of Tuixent: second weekend of September. Games, music, gymnasiums and a lot of fun. Place: Tuixent.


  • Fair of mare’s eggs and Farmer’s Market. Market and fair as the main element is the pumpkin. Place: Sant Llorenç de Morunys. When? Second weekend of the month (October 8, 2023). More information and program.
  • Rose Festival Place: Tuixent. Popular festival, with inauguration of a new edition of the ARTVanseca (art in nature). When? Second Sunday of October.
  • Sant Ermengol fair: the oldest fair in Europe. Place: La Seu d’Urgell. Street fair, artisan products, gastronomic fair and the Pyrenean artisanal cheese fair: exhibition, tasting, prizes and courses. When? Third weekend of the month.
  • All Saints Fair and black pea fair. Place: Gósol. When? For the holidays of All Saints.


  • Fira de la Vall. Craftsmen’s fair with traditional music. Place: Tuixent. Date: Pont de la Puríssima (December 8, 2023. December 6, 2024).
  • New Year’s Eve. The town gathers at the church to welcome the new year together. Come toast with us. At Cal Gabriel, for our guests, special dinner.

Weekly markets

The best way to find quality products, both food and textiles, in the towns closest to Tuixent:

  • La Seu d’Urgell: Tuesday and Saturday morning. Saturday also opportunity market.
  • Solsona: Tuesday and Friday morning.
  • Gósol: Thursday morning.
  • Berga: Saturday morning.

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