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Plan your stay at Cal Gabriel


In Tuixent you have the opportunity to enjoy an environment full of nature and activities to do all year round: relaxation, hiking, Nordic skiing, alpine skiing, snowshoes, mushrooms, mountain bike, sled dogs , visit museums, culture, gastronomy, crafts, natural parks and even shopping in Andorra.

In this section you will find details about the different activities you can do in the Vall de la Vansa and Tuixent. Let’s start the adventure!

Walking tours

The whole year

Discover routes to walk and enjoy our surroundings. There are all kinds of difficulty, duration and technique.

Wild mushrooms

Spring and autumn

In the area you can find a wide variety of mushrooms, both spring and autumn, to season your dishes with the taste of Tuixent.

Bike trips

The whole year

Pedal through the Valley. Whether Cal Gabriel is your starting point, or you’re en route.


The whole year

History, Trementinaires, museums, architecture, Romanesque route, trades and fairs. A whole range to feed your curiosity.

Skiing and snowshoeing


Enjoy nature in winter. Nordic, alpine and snowshoeing; either way, come enjoy the snow at Cal Gabriel.


The whole year

The small artisans of the area are waiting to show you their products and make you enjoy their love for the work they do: cheeses, jams, infusions, beers, cosmetics, etc.