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The essence of the Valley and its surroundings, in locally made products. Brought a little from our house, to your house.

Here we show you a collection of the artisans you can find in the Vall de La Vansa and Tuixent, as well as the surroundings near Cal Gabriel.

Serrat Gros cheese shop

In Josa del Cadí you will find the Serrat Gros cheese factory, where they make top quality dairy products from the milk of their own goats. Take the opportunity to visit them in their natural environment.

Cal Casal

In Ossera, our village of artisans, you’ll find Núria in Cal Casal, where she makes the best jams you’ve ever tasted. Made with organic brown sugar, and with a lot of love, which is transmitted to its result. More than 60 options await you; which ones will you choose?

Cal Nogué

In Ossera, Suzette awaits you at her herbalist to offer you all her herbal teas, teas, essential oils, dried flowers, spices, tinctures, cosmetics, ointments, and a long list of other things. It grows its own medicinal plants, and has an ecological certificate from the CCPAE. Our private turpentine.

Liquid Silk
The Sake of the Pyrenees

Yes, you read that right, sake is made in Tuixent!! And how is that? Antoni is in love with sake and has decided to bet on the production of this Japanese drink in Tuixent, using our water to make the revelation drink of the Pyrenees. You can arrange a visit to the cellar, in advance, and taste the drink at Cal Gabriel!

Our beloved Núria Gavaldà supplies us with the best floral essences and natural cosmetics you can find. She is very knowledgeable about the sector, with training and a human quality that make her unique. Don’t forget to visit it, and pay attention to its trainings, essential to expand your knowledge of essences and Bach flowers.

What can we tell you about Valentina… she is our particular artist. Trained in the best schools of fine arts, she does all kinds of painting, with a reality and a beauty that do not go unnoticed. You can find some of his works on display, and for sale, at Cal Gabriel.

And if you want a personal painting, don’t hesitate to contact her to commission your artwork. Visit his website to learn more about his work.

Jaume opens his most personal space to us in Ossera, an exhibition hall in the basement of Cal Perlet, where you can enjoy his paintings and various objects painted on the path that leads to his house. His is an abstract painting, with vivid and striking colors. His oils, watercolors or engravings do not leave anyone indifferent. If you want to discover it, it opens on weekend mornings.

Isabel and Manel brew Pedraforca beer, in Saldes, with water from the emblematic mountain par excellence, Pedraforca, which gives its beer its name. Find your beer among its catalog: blonde, toasted, black, ceps, ceps and honey, ipa. Which one do you like more? Visit his workshop and store in Saldes.

Farm for raising sheep and chickens located in Vallcebre. The story begins in 2018, when Berta and Enric decide to dedicate themselves to livestock farming, with very clear values of animal welfare, extensive livestock farming that benefits both the animals and the environment, and respect for the environment . In addition to buying their products, it is possible to make arranged visits and activities related to livestock farming. A good way to live first-hand the experience of rural and pastoral life in the area.

Just 20 minutes from Tuixent you find the Valette cheese factory, in Sant Llorenç de Morunys, where Clara makes the best artisan cheese matured from raw sheep’s milk. Not only we say so, but also our customers who value it as one of the best they have ever tasted, and the various awards and recognitions it has obtained at artisanal cheese fairs.

In La Seu d’Urgell, Judit awaits you, in the Abadessa dairy, in the middle of the medieval city. A pleasure to taste their Brown breed cow cheeses, as well as goat cheeses. Judit has a cheesemaking background that makes her products an explosion of flavor on our palates and a quality that makes them inimitable.

Infusions and teas of all kinds and own and exclusive preparations made by Vicky, an expert in herbal teas with solid training. Only at the Headquarters can you find such a variety of products and own creations, all of them with the ecological product seal. We warn you in advance: you won’t know which ones to choose! But don’t worry, at Cal Gabriel we can advise you. By the way, do you know that we have our own herbal tea made from the infusion, which you can only find in our house? With Vicky and Marc so close we couldn’t be together.

La Xell and Joan, producers and distillers of lavender, are waiting for you in Montant de Tost to show you their lavender fields, and to discover the process of distillation and preparation of cosmetic and hygienic products with these essential oils special When you wash your hands at Cal Gabriel, you will have the pleasure of feeling nature in your hands thanks to Cal Margarit’s ice.

In addition, they are also producers of potatoes, truffles, and offer craft beer with their lavender. A tireless couple! Be sure to visit them!

If we talk about sausages, quality, and tradition, without any doubt we can only be talking about Obach sausages, in Organyà. More than 100 years of history guarantee its products and know-how. Made with quality raw material, following tradition, they guarantee a finger-licking final product. Cured sausages, boiled meats, fresh meats, cheeses, pâtés, desserts, everything to bring a good taste to your home.

In Organyà, in addition to the homilies, you can find the Espuñes sausage factory, which has been making quality sausages suitable for celiacs and lactose intolerant people since 1989. Handcrafted, taking care of the process to have an excellent final product. Cooked, cured and fresh, all waiting for you to take home to enjoy. Yes, they are the ones we serve at Cal Gabriel’s breakfasts and that you liked so much 😉

Family farm located in Fígols d’Organyà, which has been converted for the production of dairy products. They have their own herd of cows that provide them with the fresh milk needed to make first-quality artisanal products: yogurts, creams, curds, fresh cheese and cream. And with ecological certification! In addition to buying their products, it is also possible to visit their facilities to learn first hand the whole process, from obtaining the milk to the final product. Visit them and you will fall in love!