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Fairs and festivals

A collection of fairs and festivals in our surroundings, so you don’t miss a single one!

In every town that is appreciated we have fairs and festivals that are worth enjoying and discovering. Here we give you a collection of the ones we have in Tuixent and its surroundings. Grab your calendar and sign up, so you don’t miss a single one!!! And remember to reserve a room in time, as you will run out later!


  • January 5: Cavalcade of the Magi, with distribution of gifts to neighbors who have been good people 😉 Place: Tuixent.
  • Fair “Els Tres Tombs”: preserving tradition, festival to invoke the care of animals. Parade, gymnasiums, and popular activities. Place: Solsona. When? The weekend closest to Sant Antoni (January 21 and 22, 2023)


  • Carnival of Solsona. Traditional and full of good atmosphere and party. Place: Solsona. When? For carnivals, from February 16 to 22, 2023. More information.


  • Trunfo fair (potatoes), the truffle and wine festival. Place: Solsona. When? first of March (March 4 and 5, 2023). Consult the program.
  • Festival of the game. Place: La Seu d’Urgell. When? Second weekend of March. The whole city is filled with games for all ages. Web consultation



  • Midsummer Eve. Popular dinner and bonfire to enjoy the most magical night of the year. Place: Tuixent.


  • Courses in Ossera. From the hand of our dear artisans Núria Rosell (Cal Casal jams) and Suzette (Herboristeria Cal Nogué).
  • Gósol walk. Popular outing to discover an area of Gósol. More information.
  • Gathering of Sant Jaume. Music, mass and popular lunch in the meadows of the Hermitage of Sant Jaume. Place: Tuixent. When? Sunday closest to July 25.
  • Fair of Drap Piteu. Artisan market set in the medieval era. Place: Sant Llorenç de Morunys. When? July 22 and 23, 2023. More information.
  • Cathar Fair. Place: Gósol. When? Last Saturday of July.


  • Flower courses. From the hand of Carme Bosch. From August 1 to 15. Consult the program. Place: Tuixent.
  • Courses in Ossera. From the hand of our dear artisans Núria Rosell (Cal Casal jams) and Suzette (Herboristeria Cal Nogué).
  • Cathar Fair. Place: Josa de Cadí. When? First weekend in August (possibly: 5 and 6 August 2023).
  • Activities throughout the month: concerts, talks, outdoor cinema, etc. Check our calendar.
  • Pianada de Josa de Cadí. Place: Ca l’Amador at Josa de Cadí. When? During the month of August, they depend on the agendas of the guest artists.
  • Josart. Artistic meeting in the town of Josa de Cadí. When? Second Tuesday of the month. Let it surprise you: there is no program until the day of the event.
  • Major festival of Gósol. Middle of the month
  • Seu d’Urgell’s main festival: concerts, activities, outings, culture. When? Last week of the month. Consult the program of the party.


  • Major festival of Tuixent: second weekend of September. Games, music, gymnasiums and a lot of fun. Place: Tuixent.


  • Fair of mare’s eggs and Farmer’s Market. Market and fair as the main element is the pumpkin. Place: Sant Llorenç de Morunys. When? Second weekend of the month (October 8, 2023). More information and program.
  • Rose Festival Place: Tuixent. Popular festival, with inauguration of a new edition of the ARTVanseca (art in nature). When? Second Sunday of October.
  • Sant Ermengol fair: the oldest fair in Europe. Place: La Seu d’Urgell. Street fair, artisan products, gastronomic fair and the Pyrenean artisanal cheese fair: exhibition, tasting, prizes and courses. When? Third weekend of the month.
  • All Saints Fair and black pea fair. Place: Gósol. When? For the holidays of All Saints.


  • Fira de la Vall. Craftsmen’s fair with traditional music. Place: Tuixent. Date: Pont de la Puríssima (December 8, 2023).
  • New Year’s Eve. The town gathers at the church to welcome the new year together. Come toast with us. At Cal Gabriel, for our guests, special dinner.

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